Friday, August 3, 2007

A Great Start Towards the Best Day Ever!!

Some days are just better than others. Since coming to Arizona, I have had a slightly tough time ajusting to my new surroundings. Now that I am living over 4000 ft above sea level, my breathing has been a bit comprimised as well as my muscles, especially in my legs. Some of my runner friends say it can take up to 6 weeks to fully adjust...we'll see how that goes.
So unlike most of my days back in Connecticut where I was running 40 to even 50 miles a week, I have had to cut back my training and just try to let my body adjust. It has been a good time for me to concentrate on doing yoga as well as breathing excercises. Fire Breath, for example is a great way to build lung capacity as well as strenghten the internal organs.
If it isn't raining I do walk to and from class. This is a great workout since It is straight up hill. It reminds me of my marathon training when Sunset Hill came into the program. So fast paced walking allows me to strenghten my legs while getting a bit of exercise.
I have also noticed that after working a shift up in the cafe for 8-9 hours I am really wiped out. The pace is much slower than I am use to working, which I enjoy because it allows me to put alot of energy and focus into what I am creating. Back in Guilford, I was use to a 11-12 hour shift which started at 4am, 6 days a week. I remember having much more energy after that shift than I do now. It is quite interesting.
Perhaps, that I am now eating a full on 100% raw vegan diet, my body is releasing more toxins out. This could also just be my body choosing to slow down after working so hard over the last few years.
I awoke bright and early today at 5:30. I decided to get some movement so I went for an easy run into downtown Patagonia. All together, I probably only ran about 5k, but it was beautiful to see the sun rise up over the mountains, and hear nature begin its day. I arrived back to the dorm, changed clothes and went to our Unity room for morning session of Kali Ray Yoga. Kali Ray Yoga is a flowing style of yoga which is meant to build prana(energy), into the body. After class I decided to skip breakfast up at the cafe and build a powerful superfood smoothie.

This creation will give me protein, energy and stamina to keep me going strong throughout the morning and into early afternoon. So try this recipe, adjust to your needs and see if you ever want to go back to a bacon-egg+cheese to tart your day!!
In a high powered blender, preferably a Vita Mix
2.5 cups filtered water, for richer/creamier version use fresh nut mylk
1 banana-high potassium
2T bee pollen-high protein, increases energy,builds OJAS
1 heaping Tablespoon chorella-high protein algae
4 dried black mission figs-alkalizes body
3T raw cacao powder-increses serotonin, highest source of magnesium
1T cocnut oil-anti fungal+antimicrobial
1-2T goji berries-contains all amino acids, highest source of beta carotein
1T green powder contain probiotics-healthy bacteria for proper gut functions
1t raw honey-if in CT try Farm River Honey!!!Go JIM!!
Add a few cubes of ice if you wish and blend until smooth and creamy. Drink, enjoy and smile!!!

Okay,off to class!!!

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