Monday, October 8, 2007

A Happy Jingle After a Chilly Morning Bimble!!

Fall is here,
I enter the vortex and cheer.
Green trees,
cool morning breeze.
When I go out and run some,
I certainly lack from boredom.
Soon I venture on a 100 mile race,
hope to maintain
a smooth, steady pace.
Live food,
great mood.
A few bananas here,
a couple dates there.
Why is it that running makes me smile,
possibly the fact that I can be in nature for a while.
I give thanks for my legs, my feet and trail shoes,
when the endorphins set in,
there's no such thing as the blues.
So go on out,
set off into the woods and just shout.
Or venture off and be mellow
and listen to nature,
with the sweet sounds like a chelo
So here I am brave with a big heart,
now its time for your running to start!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your energy radiates in your blogs. And you look amazing (as usual). ;)