Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Inspirational Blogger Awards

Suki Zoe, a dear friend from the UK recently awarded me with the Inspirational Blogger Award. After being given this award, I now think it is only right to pay respects to the bloggers out there who inspire me.
I must give some love to Suki. She is an amazing women as well as a dedicated chocolatier!! I had the pleasure of spending time with her at this years Raw Spirit Festival which was indeed an epic weekend! Her journeys took her south to the Tree of Life Center where I was able to prepare loving meals for her as well as enjoy some of her sun chocolate creations! I looki forward to her return to the states in the future! Check out her blog at www.qito.co.uk

1-Catra Corbin of www.trailgirl.blogspot.com for proving that you can get better with age!! A ultra runner and fellow raw vegan Catra puts the fun and sexiness into endurance running!

2-Cathi Bosco of www.cathirandomblog.blogspot.com for her beauty shown through the camera lense. A photo journalist, an amazing illustrator and marathon runner, Cathi puts her heart into all she does, and the works shows it!! Cathi was my number 1 fan back in CT and instantly became hooked on green juice!!

3-Double juicer shoutouts to Kaia and Blair for their recent juice feasting endevours. Blair can be found at http://wild-health.blogspot.com/ and Kaia can be found at http://www.courtneypool.blogspot.com/ . Blair recently completed the 10 week apprenticeship at the Tree with me. He recently took part in some intense yoga training in California while partaking in the juice feast. Kaia works with me at the Tree and is now over 2 weeks into her feast. I am so proud of all she is doing and at a very young age. Right On!!

4-Next up is Doug Walsh at http://www.rawhike.com/index.shtml for his love for the outdoors and raw foods. Doug has summited many of the Peaks in Colorado as well as hiking the entire Continental Divide Trail on a 100% raw foods. Wicked Cool!!

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Courtney Pool said...

Wow, THANK you, Frank! I would have awarded YOU if Suki hadn't gotten to you first!! Thank you for everything you are!

By the way, I think I might just go by Courtney, its confusing people...