Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sometimes you just ache.....

After a long day in the kitchen and not enough sleep I woke up sore and tired. It was one of those mornings where you wish you could just stay under the covers and read a book all day. As much as I didn't feel like being very active, I knew I had to go out and put on a few miles. So I rolled out of bed, drank my quart of water with MSM, threw on some running gear, and hit the road. My travels would take me through downtown Patagonia and up 1st Ave. The first 2 miles give you a nice flat warmup before you make it to the 1.5 mile climb with a fair amount of twists and turns as you make your way to the top. It was quite warm around 8am which was certainly a treat seeing that is December. I seemed to be in the company of many ravens during my run. I love to watch them fly and catch the wind with their wings spread wide and sail through the air with ease. I tried to make this run simple and easy like the ravens flight. Today was the first day that I could feel a slight ache in my knee again. I have to be sure that I don't put on too many miles too quickly because I want to avoid any possible injuries. Over the next few months I hope to build a solid base with 30 or so miles per week. With the addition of cross training and a low fat, high fruit and green diet(80-10-10), I feel I will be ready to start taking on high miles come spring time.

Upon finishing my 60 minute run, I hit up the Vita Mix for another special treat.
Orange Green machine!!
6 oranges, orange skin removed
1 lime, green skin removed
2 inch piece, fresh aloe, green skin removed
1/2 head romaine lettuce
I Vita Mix, blend orange and lime until smooth and creamy. Add aloe and blend, Add romaine and blend. Drink and chew your smoothie and savor each and every mouthful!!

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Jessica said...

I want to walk that labyrinth so bad!!Beautiful!
Love your determination.