Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Power of Green!!

There was a good reason why Popeye choose spinach. Although you may find comfort in a cup of coffee in the morning, nothing really charges you like a fresh green juice. After a beautiful 6am run with my fellow Bimblers, I rode my bike to Edge of the Woods to get a fresh shot of wheatgrass and a green juice. This will keep me going for a few hours.

Greens are filled with an abundance of nutrition. Pound for pound, spinach has more protein than any other vegetable. Collard greens have more calcium than a cup of milk. Dandelion greens have great detoxifying effects on the body, and nettles are loaded with chlorophyll. Some of the largest animals in the world eat a diet of only greens. That should tell you something.

Here are just a few reasons why we should eat more greens-
-builds a high blood count
-provides iron to organs
-creates a more alkaline body
-resists bacteria in wounds
-helps to purify the liver
-improves vision

One book that has brought a new light to my life is Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. I highly recommend this book to anybody looking to add a little life to their life.

If you have a blender try this Green Smoothie for a few days and see how you feel!
1.5 cups of water or water from 1 fresh Thai Young Coconut
a large handfull of spinach
1 cup fresh or frozen berries
1/2 banana
Blend well drink and Enjoy!!

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Rose Soto said...

Hi Frank,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful Green smoothie recipe. I make green smoothies w/almond milk all the time but never throught of using fresh coconut milk, sounds delicious and refreshing too! Will try it soon and share it with my clients who love smoothies.

In Health & Prosperity,
-ROSE, IIN Sister