Monday, June 18, 2007

For the Love of Chocolate!!

I had to add a piece about chocolate, because most people love it. But do you really know where your chocolate comes from? In the above picture, you see some $bars that I recently made. They consist of 100% raw organic ingredients from Sunfood Nutrition. Cacao contains the highest source of magnesium of any food source as well as containing more antioxidents than green tea or red wine!! It increases seratonin in the body causing you to be Happy more often. I can go on for pages but just go to your local health food store and ask for the cacao. One taste of real chocolate and you'll know what I mean! Eat cacao beans as is for increased flexibility or try add nibs or powder to your favorite smoothie recipe.
$Bar Ingredients-
All ingredients 100% raw and organic
cacao butter
cacao powder
cacao nibs
cayenne pepper
maca root
camu camu
mesquite powder
goji berries
Celtic sea salt
kola nut powder

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