Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Road Trip Begins

I awoke Saturday morning bright and early and scrambled to fill my car with all the little things that I thought I might need. After saying goodbye to the family I set off for Naperville, Illinois. Naperville is a small community just south west of Chicago. I ended up driving from 5am to about 8pm where I was greeted by my friend Cathy in Naperville. Still somewhat wired from the drive, we had a great dinner of local greens and produce from the CSA she belonged to as well as fresh peas from her garden. After dinner, we went for a long walk which was much needed after a long day of driving. In the morning we did some yoga, then I made a super crazy cacao smoothie and was out the door at 9:30am.
Sunday was a long day of driving. Driving through the midwest, there is not much to see but corn fields. Most of which I expect to be GMO. Not cool, but that's what is goin on in the US these days. I decided to push and make it into Boulder, Co, which I did at 11pm. Super tired and a bit dehydrated, I got my first dose of reality with the elevation. Note to self-Drink lots of water!! After a long hot shower, I found the couch at my friend Jenn's apartment and got much needed rest.
I awoke Monday to a blazing hot day. Temps reached high 90's and I felt the elevation even more. I walked around Pearl street, got some veggie juice and rode my bike around. In the afteernoon, I felt like a trail run. So I decided to go for a run up the Flatirons. Well my run lasted about 100 yards before I was totally winded and screaming for water!! I did have my goto smoothie of celery-date-banana which helped deal with the sun beating down on me. I did finally make it to the top of the climb and was greeted by amazing views of Boulder and the surrounding mountain chains. Despite the difficulty breathing, it feels good to be back in the mountains again. The energy is just amazing. I look forward to heading north in a few days to really be in the wilderness!
Monday night I met with some Branford buddies, Mike, Matt and Dan. I prepared soem dinner, and open the world of raw food to them. Zucchini pasta with basil pesto was just what I needed to end a day of adventure.

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