Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Boulder Rocks!

Wednesday June 27th
Ride Your Bike To Work Day!!
Woke this morning at 7am and headed to the juice bar for a fabulous green juice by Cornelious. I then took a drive out to Longmont to retreive my set of lost keys. Hung out with my buddy Dan in his new unfurnished apartment. I then, came back into town and took a 7 mile run up the Boulder Canyon Trail. It feels good to run a bit now that I am a bit more aclimated to the elevation.
Boulder is a very bike friendly city so there are many miles of paths throughout city limits . My run paralled Boulder Creek.On my run I meditated to the sound of the running water and saw views of some rock climbers doing what looked like a really cool climb. Tonight I will head up to Estes park which is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. I will spend the night here and set up camp before making my way out to Steamboat Springs. I look forward to heading into the high country! Boulder has been a lot of fun and reminds me of Burlington, VT. I would love to spend more time here and I'm sure i'll be back in the future!

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