Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tap Into the Rockies!!

No, it wasn't a day filled with Coors beer, but it was a day of adventure and wilderness. After leaving Boulder, I headed north into Rocky Mountain National Park. What a thrill!! I entered the park around 5pm and immediately saw a large elk on the side of the road. This was going to be fun! I slowly made my way through the park, stopping occasionally to take little hikes and view wildlife. Once I reached the high point of the park, around 12000 ft, a storm came in and clouded over. I contyinued my way past the Continental Divide and to the campground where I would spend the night. Once I reached camp, I was entertained by some young kids riding wheelies. I set up my camp and was asleep by dark.
I woke early and did a 12 mile walk/run up to about 11,400ft to a lake, nestled in between the mtns. It was such a great feeling to be out in nature, without the sounds of passing cars or other people in the area. For the moment, I was in the wild!!
More to come....

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KiwiAdventures said...

Hey Frank. What an awesome experience your having. The rockies are amazing! Cool mornings and evenings, clear fresh air. It's like nothing else! I look forward to staying inspired me to create a New Zealand Adventure Blog. hopefully our family will be as diligent as you in postings. you'll have to check it
all the best...keep on moving.