Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Tetons of Wyoming!!

After a night of hot springs and a few unexpected stops in Steamboat Springs, Co, I drove north to Jackson Hole, Wy. I met with my wonderful friend Merav from IIn and was welcomed in her new home just below Snow King mtn in The mountainous town of Jackson. We spenta day in Teton Park relaxing near Jenny Lake. There we saw a moose and bison and of course, antelope. When we returned home, I went on a 1.5hour trail run up the ski mountain behind her house. The following day, I woke early, returned to the national park and did a spectacular 23 mile hike up into the mountains. I would top out at 10,400 feet and sit just west of the Grand Teton Mountain. In bear country I was sure to keeep the bear spray handy, but fortunetly it wasn't needed. I saw a few hikers early in the morning but for the most part, it was just me and mother nature!! The solitude felt so good. It has been a few years, since I had really been out in nature like I was this day. On my way out, after about 7 hours in the woods, I saw 2 moose chillin in the river!!
I spent almost 4 days with Merav and her family. I enjoyed myself very much. Her boyfriend Josh returned from a paragliding competion in which he placed 10th in the nation!! He also holds the Wyoming record for longest distance of 190 miles!!
Well I am off to Yellowstone, then heading west to Bend, OR

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