Thursday, July 5, 2007

Town To Town

After leaving the Tetons, I headed north to Yellowstone National Park. My body was a bit tired from the long hike the day before, and a bit sun burned. So I really just wanted to do the tourist thing and drive around and take photos. The park was packed, which I expected, and that really wasn't what I was looking for. I did get to tour the bubbly waters and see more bison and elk. I decided after an hour or so, to just leave the park and make my way to Idaho. Instead of driving on the interstate, I did a half day loop through the Sawtooth Mtn Range. These mtns are intense!! I camped just north of Sun Valley off a dirt road. It was nice to have Free camping seeing that most sites cost $20 a night. Usually I arrive around 7pm and leave by 6-7am. I woke and made my way towards Bend Oregon.
Oregon has such I diverse landscape. As I entered Or. from the east I am greeted by low land desert trrain. Soon, I begin to climb and am in he mountains. Most of the peaks are snow capped in Oregon, due to the moisture levels. As you travel west you get into the dense forests until you reach the coastline.
I spent the night at the base of Mt Baker. I was surrounded by the 3 Sister mtns and as I hung out in my camp, I was attacked by misquitoes!! From my tent I could see about 6 fawns eating grass in the distance. I went for a 2 hour run, before making my way back to my sleeping bag.
Happy Independance day!! I woke early and made my way to Eugene to try and get into the Butte to Butte 10k race. I was a bit late, but i did get to see the finishers come in. I road my bike around town looking for a juice bar. Without luck I got back in my car and made my way south. I would end up driving most of the day through the dense forests as I tried to get a glimpse of the ocean.
I spent a few hours at the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area. I thought I would go for a run throught the dunes,but it was a bit harder,hotter, and windier than I would have liked. I did enjoy the landscape and got to talk to a few people along the way. People seem to be interested in my travels since I am alone and coming from CT. I have now traveled over 4000 miles and have maybe another 2000 to go!!
I connected with my friend Happy and will be teaching a raw prep class in Prescott, the day before I head south to the Tree of Life!! Excellent!!
Pictures to come!!

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