Friday, July 6, 2007

Cali Bound!!

From the Southern coast of Oregon, I made my way up and down mountain passes and through the windy roads until I made my way to California!! After a long drive I would rest in the Redwood Forest. WOW!! These trees are massive and beautiful. I remember planning a marathon through redwood drive. I never made it this year, but I will have to keep it in mind.
After setting up camp and getting a much need warm shower, I passed out in my tent. I got such good sleep that night, which has not been the case some nights. I woke at 6am,broke down camp and prepared for a long scenic drive through Cali. I made my way through Humbolt County. I must note that there was quite a different smell in the air, when I reached Humbolt!!!!
I visited Arcata, Eurekabefore hearing about a little raw cafe in Blue Lake. I was so excited for a raw cacao smmothie for breakfast. I made the drive east to a small town, found the cafe, and they were closed. I waited until 10am, when they said they would be opened, and nobody showed up:( Ohh well.
I continued south until I reached Fort Bragg. There I would have lunch at the Living Light Institute. LLI Is a raw school and cafe/bookstore. I had some incredible raw enchiladas with a green juice of course.
Now is where I had to make decsions. I was really wanted to head down to San Fran but I was really diggin being in the mtns so Lake Tahoe was another option. From San Fran I could head down the coast to LA and San Diego. From Tahoe, I could head south to Yosemite and Joshua Tree and Death Valley. I opted for Tahoe!
On the coast it was about 65 degrees. In about 20 minutes, the temp rocketed up to 114. It stayed atleast 110 until I reached the mtns of Tahoe at 8:30pm. I snuck into a camp ground, SHHHH!!, set up my tent and got some sleep after about 12 hours in the car!

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