Monday, July 9, 2007

The Bear Ate My Car....

Well Folks, this trip wouldn't be an experience, if I didn't learn something. I certainly did Sunday morning. I was in Yosemite National Park in California. In Yosemite, there is an estimated 300-500 black bears that roam the land. There are also thousands of people who come to visit, camp, have cookouts, etc...So there are serious warnings about leaving food outside or in your car. Every site has metal bear boxes to store, drink, food and even products like toothpaste and shampoo. Bears are smart and can recognise bottles and wrappers and such.
I stayed in Camp 4, which is a famous camp that use to and still hosts many of the best rock climbers in the world. This is the only camp that you have to walk your gear into. Me being tired, slightly lazy and maybe even a litle thickheaded, decided it wasn't nessesary to bring all my raw products like maca root, cacao powder, and other various suppliments.
The interesting thing is while walking through camp I saw a pesty bear walking through the parking lot. It was checking things out for night time!!
So I met some cool people, did some bouldering around camp then went to bed around 10pm. I awoke at 6 am and decided to take a bike ride. As I rode by the parkinglot I noticed the ranger next to my car. Oh S*%$!!! Please no I screamed under my breath!! I quickly rode away before turning around and waiting for the ranger to leave. When I approached my car, I knew I had been punked. My side view mirror was now hanging and my back seat window was shattered. Inside, maca root powder was over everything. I couldn't believe this happened,but it taught me a great lesson.
Bears are smart, strong and generally always hungry. I have to respect nature and listen to my intincts!! When you are warned about the dangers of wild animals, I need to listen and take precautions. Now everytime I walk on the passenger side of my car, I will see the claw marks on my car to remind me not to mess with Nature!!!


WrightNet News said...


One other thing you learned: The bear(s) were glad to have something other than junk food to eat. That is why the bear targeted YOUR car. Tough break. Be careful out there.


suresh said...

Please post pictures of car! Was it the Subaru? Send the picture to their magazine (called Drive, I think). Who knows they might give you some money towards the repair!