Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back In Action!!

After the bear incident, I needed a break. I put together the following to-do list, which was much needed after 2 weeks on the road!
Things to get done-
-fix window
-fix side view mirror
-Take a shower!!
-do laundry
-get car washed
-sleep in a bed
With that list, I headed to Echo Park,Los Angeles where I would spend a few days at my friends home. Unfortunetly Dan and Mellissa where back in CT but Chris Pace was there to let me in. On a quick side note, Dan Iead is founding memeber of the band The Broken West. These guys where recently signed by Merge records and have been successfully touring the country since January. If they come to your town, check them out!!
So I got some much need relaxation in LA, if that's possible, and was able to get my car back together. I found a great place on Mission street that replace the window for under $200, which was a suprise to me.
While in LA, I also ate at Juliano's Raw in Santa Monica and Terra Bella in Redondo Beach. These are 2 great raw restaurants located a few blocks from the ocean. I enjoyed raw tacos, jalepeno poppers, kale chips, and an amazing elixer of goji berries and spice!!
I realized that I can't settle in anywhere for too long so before too long, I was back on the road.
Joshua Tree would be my next destination which is located a few hours east of Los Angeles.

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