Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Night Amongst The Joshua Tree

Even with a huge highway, trying to leave or enter LA can be a nightmare. I sat in slow movingtraffic while heading west to Joshua Tree National Park. After a 3 hour drive I made my way into town. I made a few pit stops along the way to check out some local health food stores. I have been very inspired by the cafe's, markets, and restaurants that I have ventured into. My thought process has now begun on what I hope to own in the future. It has been a wonderful adventure over the last few weeks. I must say not having to wake up and go to work has been an absolute pleasure. With that being said, I certainly miss being in the kitchen and creating. All In time..
Okay back to the adventure... I was fasinated by the JT park. Joshua Tree belongs to both the Colorado and the Mojave desert. Both somewhat desolate, but mysterious and beauitful at the same time. The formations of rocks that have formed over thousands of years make JT a rock climbers dream. Being alone I wasn't able to experience the thrill of some traditional climbing but did a bit of bouldering whenever I could. This was the first park I stayed at that wasn't completely paked with people. After setting up camp, I went for a leisurely 45 minute run before checking out an amazing sunset that seemed to set the horizon on fire!! I then returened to camp, and prepared a fesh raw salad, all of which where purchased at a local farmer's market. Oh, except for the walnuts!! I enjoyed my meal, checked out the stars, and venture off to sleep in the quite desert of Joshua Tree.

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