Saturday, July 14, 2007

Zona Baby!!

From Joshua Tree, it would be a long HOT drive through the desert. I was happy to see the large amounts of wind towers set up around Palms Springs. Atleast one state,or county, is interested in wind power. I made my way through Lake Havasu, which I believe is a spring breakers party destination, and began the climb back up to Flagstaff. I was eager to make my way into Sedona, so I took the 30 minute drive down the valley until I could feel the energy.
Sedona is a magical place. To many it is a town filled with vortex's and magical energy. Just the presence of the red rock, gives you the impression that you are in a magical place. That has been one of the highlights of this trip. Almost everyday, I am fasinated by the beauty of North America. From the foliage of New England, the Thimble Islands of CT, The massive mtns in Wyoming and Colorado, to the red rocks of Sedona, each state offers a special feature that makes them completly unique. On a side note, I will not mention the mid west because most of thier landscape is filled with GMO corn.
I found my way to Airport Mesa for a quick hike and an amzing view of the surrounding rock faces. From there it was off to find a campsite and a meal.
I stumbled into Cafe Raw, Sedona's only raw cafe. This made me a happy man!! I entered the cafe to great music and a smile on everybody's face. This was comforting. I would enjoy a rather large meal of a spirulina dressed sprout salad, and a fresh nori wrapped nut pate filled with veggies and a large side of slaw. I met debbie the owner as well as the amazing chocolatier Kelly , whom had recently spent time down at the Tree of Life. He had great things to say about the staff and the overall experience!!
Debbie brought me out an creamy and rich dessert, on the house, that was a raw pumpkin pie. It was heaven. After spending nearly 2 hours in the cafe I made my way back to packed and noisy camp, where I would try to get some sleep.

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