Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Fast From The Feast

I could have easliy eaten 3 meals a day at Cafe Raw. The food is fantastic, and keeps me from having to clean up after myself in the rustic, outdoorsy way that camping leads to. On Friday, with the help of my new friend Fiona, from Australia and fellow apprentice, we decided to fast for a day. For me the fast was to take a break from the norm and to give my body a break from its daily chores of digestion. I was also looking for a day to mellow out before I would head over to the Tree of Life for this amazing new experience.
Fasting is pretty interesting. It is usually the most difficult within the first 2-3 days, then gets a bit easier. My only experience with fasting has been 4 days of Master Cleanse. As a chef, who works a lot, its tough to take days off from eating. I really would need to schedule a vacation around my plans for a fast. So here it is, 1 day of kombucha tea, and a ton of water. As my friend Ultra would say, "it is what it is!"
Thursday, was like a half a cleanse day seeing that I only had some melon in the morning, followed by a small salad for lunch and a banana in the late afternoon. The hardest part, for me to go without eating, is to keep yourself occupied. Usually one would wake up and have breakfast. Not the case today. My normal waking time over the past three weeks seems to be 5:45am. It's like clockwork. So here I am, up early, with a bit of a growling stomach. I go to a great book that I have been reading since I began this journey as a distraction. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver would pull me through my day of absence from food.
The hardest part of the day was around 4pm, when my body was just like, "Dude, Feed Me!!'. We kept busy by visiting the state park and watching young kids see who has more b**** by jumping off this really high rock into the water. Afterwards, we caught an amazing sunset set to the music of some locals playing drums and digeredoo.
The view was amazing and gave me a realfeel for the greatness of Sedona. Although I wasn't as active as I wished through my stay here, it was rewarding to take a seat and be in the body for a few days.

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