Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Week At the Tree of Life

It has been a little over a week since my road trip ended. In 3 weeks I drove over 6,700 miles, put almost $800 of gas into my Suburu, lost a window, and broke a mirror. But....I have seen some of the most amazing places that the United States has to offer. Any lows on this trip completely vanished by the experiences I had during my travels. Stepping away from the everyday rushing around that life tends to bring us gave me an overwelming sense of clarity. It has been a blessing to be able to wake up and simply ask the question, "Where shall I go next?". I have been business planning for the future with thoughts all over the map from raw dessert shop to personal chef. It is good to get my thoughts on to paper. Who knows when it will come in handy.
I wish to thank all who supported me through my trip with random text messages(Iggy), to opening up your homes. Much Love! You have made the journey that more special for me.
So I am almost 2 weeks into my apprenticeship here at the Tree. It honestly took about a day before I felt totally at home and a valuable part of the community here in Patagonia. Prior to my arrival here, I had visions of sage brush and cactus in a hot high desert setting. I am totally amazed at how green it is here. Monsoon season has arrived, so we can expect a major storm pretty much every day. Dried up river beds instantly become a fast flowing wash and thunder and lightning strike with such power. It is really beautiful to see and be a part of and I know the plants enjoy it since almost all of the rain they see for the year comes in July and August.
The program is really wonderful and gives me a hands on experience in preparing 100% organic live food cuisine!! This is the first time that I have worked in an all raw kitchen. Dehydrators replace ovens and vegetable grease run the employee vehicles, not the fryers!! My schedule is divided up between a 6:30am-2:30pm shift and a 10am-6pm shift. Daily jobs include making green juices and nut mylks as well as putting out breakfast, lunch and dinner to up to as many as 60 people. Breakfast is mellow and consists of a flavored mylk, salad bar and low glysemic fruit. Lunch, the largest meal of the day is where we get to express our creativity by making an plated entree. During our apprenticeship, we will all be allowed the chance to run the kitchen for the day and put together a menu, and lead the kitchen through breakfast and lunch. I am really looking forward to my chef day!!
Along with working in the kitchen, we serve one day in our amazing garden with Alden, the garden manager. He is just full of knowledge. Working with the soil makes me wish I was back in CT at the Goss's planting all my veggies. Hopefully this will be a reality in the future. I am learning about sustainable agriculture so many other land supporting techniques that help nourish the soil, not denature it.
Spirituality is a huge part of the Tree. One aspect I have enjoyed is a daily ritual of bloessing our food before every meal. It is nice to reflect on our food and where it comes from. Thanking the land and mother nature for providing this lovely organic food allows meto connect even more deeply to the food as it nourishes my body. On Fridays we go to the Oasis for out Shabbat ceremony. This is toatlly new to me since I was raised a Catholic but when I learn about the meaning of Shabbat, I realize that it is a day to reflect and give attention to our higher power.
I look forward to deepening my experience here I will becertain to let you all in along the way!!
Shanti Shanti Shanti

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