Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's Chef Day

Over the next 2 weeks, all the apprentices here at the Tree of Life get to be the chef for the day. Chef Day, as it's called is a chance for us to be creative and show off a bit of our talents. For me, I really wanted to keep things simple and fresh tasting. I also wanted the day to go along calm and peaceful. This wasn't my day to run around like crazy and try to do more than I could handle. Like I have learned in the past, it is better to keep the food simple and let the flavors speak for themselves!!
Breakfast would consist of fresh Sesame mylk which was seasoned with mesquite, carob, and vanilla bean and a little cacao powder. We also make a funky smoothie of aloe, prickly pear juice, spirulina, and raisins. I topped a biscotti with a sauce of peaches and almonds. Besides that was the usual super salad bar. Simple yet delicious!

Lunch was the main event. My goal was to keep the entree light and free from heavy use of nuts and oils. After brainstorming a few ideas, I decided to make my entree a mix of 3 finger foods.The menu is as follows-
creamy cabbage slaw wrapped in collard greens w/ goji-chili dipping sauce
beet pesto in romaine topped w/ marinated cukes
buckwheat flatbread with zucchini, tomato, avocado and blk olive tapenade
fresh sprout salad as garnish
After giving a blessing, which is done before every meal, the guests and staff dug in. I recieved many complements and would say the day was a success.
My day was completed by making fresh chia ice cream with Tim and a few other apprentices!

A great day here at the Tree and another great learning experience!!

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