Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Durian We Trust!!

It has taken me a few years, but today I have finally struck gold!! I visited the Asian market today in Tuscon and bought myself a Durian. Considered one or the most exotic of all fruits, Durian contains qualities unlike any other fruit. Durian has a slightly onion taste and is custard like in texture. Once cracked open, the smell of onion difts into the air. After the first bite, I had to have more. It is quite strange, I felt inclined to eat more and more!!
Durian is a great source of protein as well as vitamin E. Durian is also a strong blood cleanser and contains high levels of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that raises serotonin levels in the brain. When these levels increase, a euphoric feeling is felt.
According to Singapore lore, "when the durians come down from the trees, the sarongs come off."
With some of the extra durian pulp I made a euphoric smoothie with cacao, maca, bee pollen, durian, and fresh coconut. A few of my roomates enjoyed this concoction and we still continue to smile!!! Eating raw foods, superfoods in general, often result in uncontrolable laughter!! You got to love it!!
SHAZZIE a raw food celeb from th UK took durian eating to a whole other level!!
If your over 18, view
Here are a few pics of Durian alchemy-

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