Sunday, September 9, 2007

Get Fresh

Its summer and that means fresh produceis in massive abundance throughout the country. During my visit back home in CT, I was able to check out 2 farmer's markets. There I would find amazing fresh organic tomatoes from Starlight Gardens of Durham, as well as fresh organic greens, blueberries, peaches, black berries and more. For the carnivores, all natural meats and locally caught fish were also in abundance. Farmer's markets are not only a good way to find fresh food, but a great way to connect to the source and find out what's really going in to your food. Plus, from an evironmental standpoint, it's a no brainer that local produce will have less impact on theland than produce shipped from California or some other country. The following website is a great source to find markets in your area. Help support local farms and visit a farmers market!!

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That food looks good, I'm hungry (always, actually). It was nice to run with you on Saturday. As regards the value of local foods, check out if you haven't already.