Sunday, September 16, 2007

Putting on the Miles

After taking a few days off from training to catch up on some much needed rest, I headed ot for a long run. Lasts weeks 3 hr run back in CT gave me a boost of confidense that I could still put on the miles But I was lucky back east because I was able to run with my fellow BS crew. Now it is back to my solo training. It is funny how some days it is hard to find motivation, then other days when you just feel like running forever. Today was like that. The monsoon hit and for 2.5 hrs I ran in HEAVY down pours along with thunder and lightning. I stuck to 1st ave in Patagonia, which is a hilly and windy dirt road which stretches out towards the mountains of southern AZ. I was in a place of peace out there today. No cars nor people, just me. As I put one foot in front of the other, I watched the clouds come in and the lightning crash down. Mother nature is powerful. Running is so wonderful for the simple fact that you get to become so close to the elements. The joys of being outside, in the rain, snow or heat wave. Its all for the love!!


My daily visual journal! said...

Running through it.... keep on Running through it Mayor!!

As Allstate & I regulary do.....
"Run into your _______!!"

a) day
b) destiny
c) life
d) joy
e) well being
f) peace
g) all of the above

Jessica said...

I think I would start running again if I could run like that. How beautiful. running in ran is so fun, of course I'm not sure about monsoon rain? fun still comes to mind.....good thoughts :)