Saturday, September 22, 2007

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home really is where the heart is and I found that out this week. Over the past few months I have been pretty unsure of where my future would take me. Thoughts ran through my mind as i contimplated spending time in Costa Rica and eventually heading back to CT in hopes to start my business. A month ago I was approached by Michella, the TOL cafe manager. She asked me if I was interested in taking on employment here as a live food chef instructor. At first, I had I choose not to acept the position because I felt a deep urge to travel. But after the past few weeks, and after a recent visit back home in CT, I realized that right now in my life, Patagonia, is home. I have gone through a lot of changes since coming to the TOL. My experience home gave me the feeling that I didn't quite belong there. Sure, it was good to see my family as well as get some good runs in with my fellow Bimbler's but when in the presence of friends, some of whom I have known for 10 years, I had felt like a total stranger. I just can't see myself heading back into the realities of CT. I live in a safe small, family like setting here, and I need to be nurtured by this community at this time. It just feels right, you know??
With those feelings, I have accepted the position here at the Tree and will be committing to a year of service.
With Yom Kuppur, we welcomed the new year. Some of the staff, as well as myself, took part in a 24 hour dry fast which included a full day of temple services. A lot of emotions came up as I reflected on the past year and resolved any lasting issues. As this new year begins, I home to grow in many ways. Taking on this position, will give me a chance to be in service to others, and help people grow, as I have and continue to do so.
I also plan to go full on with my running. I hope to step up my training and use yoga and meditation to enhance my skills. We create our reality, and I see great things in the future!
To all of you, have a sweet year!!


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I'm so excited that you have a blog, Frank! Now that I know about it, I'll look forward to reading it :) I have a blog as well:

Anonymous said...

:( I'm happy for you, but I was looking fwd to you returning home to start your business and to well...all of your delicious treats and positive energies. I miss your smoothies, spelt muffins, live dishes..and well YOU.