Sunday, September 30, 2007

Going for it!!

So I have officially signed up for the 2007 Javelina Jundred. Located just north of Phoenix, the JJ is an "easy" 100 mile trail race through McDowell State Park. I am not sure how easy running 100 miles straight is, but due to the lack of major elevation/decline, this race is considered to be on the easier side. With inspiration from fellow running pals Mr. Bimble and Ultra, I have decided to take part in this major challenge that only a small percentage of humans can say they have ever accomplished. I realize this will be the hardest feat I have ever set out to do, but I am focused and inspired to push my body to the limits. I do not have the experience as some runners have going into an event like this, but I feel that I have brought my body to great health, and mentally I feel strong as well.
Completing this race raw/vegan is certainly a priority. This is a strong factor in why I am choosing to take part of the JavelinaJundred. I wish to be possibly one of the only runners in this race whom is relyng on raw plant based nutrition to help excel their bodies to the finish line!!
Please check out for more information.

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Catra said...

You will do awesome. My first Javelina 100 I didn't on an all raw foods diet. My two fastest 100 miles where at Umstead and I did both those on 100% raw.
As long as you train with what you use it works fine.
Good luck. And have fun.