Friday, October 19, 2007

Juice Feast Anyone??

Courtney Pool, a fellow Tree of Life employee, has just begun a 92 day juice feast. For the next 92 days,or longer, Courtney will consume up to 1 gallon of fresh fruit and vegetable juice along with hemp oil, bee pollen and green powders. Unlike a normal week of juice fasting, which could be a bit too much for people who need to continue on with their busy lives, the 92 days is meant to provide vital nutrients along with detox of the body in a non intense manner. David Rain of is leading the way in this new concept of fasting. He has feasted for over 450 days and has guided many people through the 92 days. In March of 2008 he will launch a global juice feast and with the use of the internet, hopes to bring people together and feast to great health. Please check into Courtney's blog, and see what is new and good in her life. She is also in the process of writing a book for college students about how to be raw in college. This girl has got it goin on!!

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