Thursday, October 4, 2007

Magical Adventures

After spending most of Tuesday in meetings and on the computer, I had a major need to get up and move. Ohh yeah, I have a 100 mile race coming up too!! I ventured out to Bonyon Canyon on the western outskirts of Sedona. For those of you who have never been to Sedona, it is really hard to describe the beauty. Sedona is unlike any place I have ever been to, and the energy that is felt from the red rocks and environment is amazing. I ventured off for a 2 hour run on one one of the "vortex" hiking trails. I started out along a flat red sandy pathway which was surrounded by high canyon walls. After running through a somewhat residential trail system, the Enchantment Forest as it is called, quickly sucked me in. The trails and woods reminded me of home and I imagined myself running with all my old running mates. After a few miles of rolling hills I made it too a clearing. I looked up and realized I was completed surrounded by this massive canyon. The trail ended inside this ampitheater of red rock walls. I stopped, took a sip of water and layed upon a large rock. All I could do was just lay there and absorb all the energies from the earth. I felt the energy flow through my body and became energized by the force of the divine presence in my life. I love this life I live!!

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